Troop 772 is once again a recipient of the Journey to Excellence - Gold Unit Award. That means we adhere to the highest BSA standards and offer a quality recognized program to our scouts. 


Congratulations on your decision to support your son's adventure. The Boy Scouts of America provide a youth leadership program that will last a life time. Scouting builds character, teaches outdoor skills, citizenship skills, involves youth in exciting activities, leadership, and much more.

Troop 772 provides all camping gear: tents, backpacks, stoves, patrol gear & more! All your scout needs is his personal gear. The Troop offers all the required Eagle Merit Badge courses for FREE, including support to reach the rank of Eagle Scout.  

 To Join: Turn in a fully completed new member packet. Have questions, or need to drop-off packet ... Contact membership@troop772.com.


Posted on Sep 25 2020 - 8:50pm

Earn $3 Scout Dollars* for every $10 of popcorn sold - Pay for troop activities, outings, yearly dues, buy troop scout-wear & fund Eagle projects! 

A lot  of options are available to sell popcorn: From contactless selling, to in-person selling, sell on social media, or even traditional store selling, we have it all! Click on the link below for all the details.

  • Yellow areas on the listing will get you started. 
  • Green areas are store sign-up info/links. 
  • Available storefront sales dates: Wednesday, 9/16 ~ Saturday, 9/19 ~ Friday, 9/25 ~ Saturday, 9/26.

 To learn ALL about popcorn - Click Here

Merit Badge - Citizenship in the World - Starts Sunday, September 27th (RSVP)

Posted on Sep 25 2020 - 8:50pm

We are offering the Citizenship in the World merit badge starting Sunday, September 27th.

You will need to obtain and READ the MB pamphlet BEFORE the class starts. Pamphlets can be purchased at the Scout Shop, online, or contact our troop Librarian to borrow available pamphlets at: librarian@troop772.com

The Merit Badge Worksheet is a wonderful tool to record your answers so you can come prepared to discuss and present. Worksheets can be downloaded at: http://usscouts.org/mb/worksheets/list.asp

★ Info / Details - Click here

Cooking Merit Badge (Eagle) Starts October 4th (RSVP)

Posted on Sep 25 2020 - 8:49pm
Cooking Merit Badge starts on Sunday, October 4th (Eagle Rank Requirement) - This 3 session course is a lot of fun! 

Details / Info - Click Here

Has your scout outgrown his uniform? Does your scout need something in a bigger size? We also have some adult items.

Posted on Sep 8 2020 - 6:15pm

The troop has gently used uniform pieces (Class A / Class B / Pants / Shorts / Hats / Hiking Boots ...) donated by scouts that have outgrown them. We also have a few adult size pieces for adults. If you need something, we are happy to  pass them forward... for FREE.  If you have outgrown items, we would welcome your donation. Since we are not meeting in person for Eagles Nest right now, arrangements can be made to view/drop off/pick up items. You can also inquire about sizes. Contact Brett Brofman at: BoyScoutTroop772@aol.com.

What do Scouts do with completed Merit Badge Blue Cards and virtual MB completions? Have MB questions? We have answers...

Posted on Sep 3 2020 - 7:52pm

Need to turn in a completed Merit Badge Blue Cards or proof of virtual MB completions? Bring them to our in person Patrol Meetings. You can give them to ASM Hutchinson or Mr. Barrett (Bradan’s Dad).

Keep up the great work on your Merit Badges. Let ASM Hutchinson know what courses you need (or if you have questions), and he'll see if we can get you info to get started. Stay tuned... More up and coming Merit Badges are in the works and will be posted on the troop calendar soon. Look out for ...Cooking, Citizenship in the World, Citizenship in the Nation & more!

The troop is in need of parents to step-up and teach Merit Badges - It's fun & easy!

Posted on Jul 15 2020 - 12:10pm
Teaching  a MB class once a year (or team teaching with a partner) allows your scout FREE MB classes taught by other parents within the troop. Without Troop MB Counselors, parents will have to go outside the troop and pay $75-$200+ for each of the 14 (out of 17) required MB classes needed to obtain the Rank of Eagle. Although Eagle MB's are our first priority, you can teach a variety of elective MB's too. To view all 137 MB's - Click here. Training-mentoring is provided. We can easily guide you through the process. 
★ How to become a MB Counselor: Click here
★ 58 MB's that can be started at home  - Click here
★ For more info, contact - ASM Kevin Hutchinson